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Nice, soft, cute, there are many words to describe this cool blog, I will ad one more virtue: True Love! is one of a kind. It specializes in showing the most beautiful and lovely geek girls to the world. You can bet that all the work on the blog is the work of someone who deeply loves this kind of girls and respects them. has been featured in our favorite blog
in the past, has the best posts on cosplay, nerdy girls, sporty chicks, girls with glasses, video game freaks, all lovely, all special. Really cool pics, that show the true heart this girls have. It´s really cool to be able to found one of this places on the web, a place where tenderness and a little naughtiness collide in a beautiful way.

So visit and enjoy it´s wonders, there are many. And remember that todays world is ruled by geeks, so soon this girls will be everywhere and believe me it´s gonna be a perfect beautiful geek life.


1.- There are a lot of types of women in the world, why geek girls?
Mainly, it’s because I’m a bit of a geek myself. When I was growing up, most of my friends talked about cars – how many cylinders? What’s the bore? You turbocharging that thing? But, I was into computers. Now, geeks talk about computers exactly the same way car fanatics talked about cars – how many cores? How much memory? You overclocking that thing? I did merely OK in auto shop, but won an award in electricity class. So, I think I was a geek long before being a geek was fashionable. But now, geeks are multitudinous and are finally getting the credit they deserve. And geek girls are an especially great part of that, of course.

2.- Now geek girls are everywhere… in comics, in T.V. even in fashion, do you think in a way porn help this to happen?
No, no, I think it’s mainly a matter of demographics. There are a lot of younger adults hitting their 20s and 30s as a result of echoes of the baby boom, and they’re growing up in a highly technological time when computer skills are mandatory, and there’s been no lack of geekly entertainment from comics to movies to books to TV shows. Geeks today are getting far more respect for their talents and knowledge, and are finally getting acknowledgement for their attractiveness too. They’re also growing up in the ‘post-your-self-on-Facebook’ era, and that gives them a new way of figuring out, and sharing, their sexuality. Finally, there’s no longer as much of the ‘boys do these things and girls do these other things’ pressure – if a girl wants to play a video game, or get really good a fixing bikes (or cars for that matter), or wants to be a tomboy, or wants to get into sports or guns or whatever, there’s not a lot holding them back from doing things that a lot of guys just happen to like to do.

3.- Which is the difference between good erotic geek material and explotative geek porn?
I think that good erotic geek material tends to be self-pics, or at least pictures involving situations that are being controlled by the model. It’s an expression of sexuality rather than a money-making exercise. I don’t like any form of exploitative porn, it’s just a huge turn-off to see anyone being treated in a way they aren’t consenting to. If I ever saw a true geek girl in exploitative porn, it would break my heart.

4.- Emotionaly geek girls are different from other girls because…
Good question! I don’t think I could even begin to answer it, though. The ones I know tend to be a bit shy, a bit quirky (most times it’s cute), and have a sense of wonder with the world. But that’s a very small sample relative to their population. Plus, despite the fact that many like the same types of things, geek girls project an individuality which I find lends a sense of originality and a subtle but lovely confidence.

5.- Who is your favorite mainstream geek girl?
Ah, so many, but I’d choose Kari Byron from Mythbusters. She’s a true geek and has a kick-ass attitude (watching her trashing a car on a recent Mythbusters was awesome). Oh, and she’s pretty damn hot. I’d like to father her children, but sadly, that position has already been taken.



6.- Do you think no-nude sites are as popular as the more explicit ones?
I really don’t know. Going by what’s on Tumblr, where fuckyeahgeekgirls is hosted, I’d bet that slightly NSFW blogs are more popular than the explicit or fully-clothed blogs. I’d love to compare the stats among the different kinds of sites, actually.

7.- In your opinion besides your site which are the best geek girls sites on the net right now?
Ah, I love smutkitten’s Tumblr blog at – she’s got a huge diversity of women with different body types, including geek girls with glasses. And, I find it difficult not to reblog every girl pic that Men Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses ( posts – she does hot geek girls right. Beyond that, Google ‘tumblr glasses girls’ and you’ll find plenty of pictures of geek girls.

8.- The genre is so popular now, do you think that we can have the pleasure to even recognize sub-genres and differences in this field?
Well, there are geek girls, nerdy girls, and even dorky girls and each has their own charm, but running fuckyeahgeekgirls has taught me that some people really like boyish-looking girls and women (I’m one of those some). Some like more classically pretty geek girls, others love tattoos. And then there’s cosplay, which is sometimes the best thing, ever. There’s plenty of different types of geek girls to crush on.

9.- Besides geek girls which other type of girls are you atracted?
I love queer girls, especially cute boyish-looking bi girls. Those I’ve dated have all been direct, no bullshit and little drama women who have spent some time figuring out their sexuality – and in the process widened their personal realm of the sexually possible. I’m kink-positive, after going through a similar process of finding out what I like and want, so I find the ability to freely discuss sex with an interested member of the opposite sex is really quite liberating (and kinda hot, too).

10.- Which is the soundtrack of a guy who loves geek girls?
A few of my favorite rock/alternative bands are the Pixies, Camper Van Beethoven, the Clash (I still miss Joe), Beastie Boys, Fastbacks, Replacements, early R.E.M. and my friend’s amazing power-pop band, Statues. I grew up with Led Zep, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper. But I really love Jamaican music, especially dub, ska, rocksteady, roots, reggae and some dancehall and dubstep, but mostly the older, classic stuff.


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